Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Primalness

 Soy-free, low(er) Carb Chocolate!

Two weeks on the full on Candida control diet are over! I gave up the dark chocolate two days before Halloween and I wanted to die. Seriously. October 30th will stand forever as the day of infamy in our marriage where I blew a gasket so large that if it was a physical object it would have blown the roof off along with my head. Candida die off/withdrawls are REAL and they are scary, just ask my husband. Overall things are going pretty well. There was the one day that I ate half a pound of bacon but given that bacon is only 45 calories a strip I don't think it did much damage.

One of my friends expressed worry that I am starving myself on this diet but I assure you (and her), that I am far from starving. I am eating like Grok of Primal/Paleo lore. That is right, I am eating like a cave woman. Since I already try to eat seasonally I feel much more primal than most people on the primal diet. At this time of year greens and plants from the cabbage family are abundant, as are root vegetables by the way though I am not allowed to eat them. Swiss chard has found a permanent place in my kitchen. Roasted fennel is lovely. Bok choi entered yet again sauteed in butter with a little bit of garlic. I am really enjoying the fresh veggie variety in our diet!  

Mostly, I eat a lot of eggs. As a family we go through about 3-4 dozen eggs a week. This wouldn't be a big hit on our budget if it weren't for the fact that the pastured eggs we buy are somewhat more expensive. Happily, they are quite a bit healthier though. Speaking of eggs, because I am not allowed to have soy or any other processed oil, I have to make my own mayonnaise and I did it on my second try! Here is a tutorial of the method I used but I won't share a recipe until I perfect my own.

The most difficult thing about this diet has been eating out and with extended family. My mother-in-law has made a valiant effort to try to make food that I can eat. Otherwise I end up not going to family gatherings or eating out. Seafood and Steak House's tend to be pretty safe for me to eat at but they are also more expensive. At fast food I can usually get a garden salad if I pick out the cheese and carrots and bring my own salad dressing. It is REALLY annoying to go somewhere and have to pay full price for a menu item that you are not able to eat half the stuff off of!

As far as symptoms are going, I feel happier and my moods seem more stable. Things stress me out less, especially making meals. My candida infection symptoms are easing though not quite gone. I am still in the detox stage so I am not sure what is going to be my new normal. My skin looks great! My husband says that I have been more loving this week, which after the yeast die-off week of hell, I am not sure that is saying much.