Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What on Earth do you EAT?!

Yes I am still on my diet and I survived Thanksgiving! I even made a primal pumpkin pie which tasted a lot like curry but was still delicious. Whenever someone I haven't talked to for a while hears about my diet the question of what I can eat invariably comes up. Basically I eat the same thing most people do, just modified. For example, instead of eating a starch at dinner I will eat a double portion of veggies. My husband and daughter might have a starch or fruit as a side with their meal, but for me meals must solely consist of protein, lots of fat and a vegetable. So here is an example of what I eat in a week:

Breakfast is almost always eggs so I don't really need to go into that too much. Lately I have been enjoying them sunny side up with a sliced avocado but I have also been known to eat them scrambled, hard boiled, poached, you name it. Lunch is usually leftovers so let's get right into dinners shall we?

Sunday: Polish sausages, sweet and sour red cabbage
Monday: Guacamole Beef over cauliflower rice
Tuesday: Spaghetti squash with marinara (Boves makes a great low-carb sauce) and meatballs, nutritional yeast, steamed broccoli
Wednesday: Roasted chicken with fennel and green salad
Thursday: Swiss chard and tomato frittata, green salad
Friday: Buchons au thon (modified to be primal w/nutritional yeast and 1 extra egg), buttered sauteed green beans
Saturday: Primal chicken "noodle" soup with cabbage noodles and primal crackers

Some of the things that are really helping me on my diet right now are Pau d'arco tea, which helps with die off and is also an anti fungal and stevia sweetened coconut macaroons which make a great snack. While I can't say that I am that creative in the kitchen I am always finding new recipes to try out. For example this coconut macadamia bark is calling my name and if you happen to know of a good chicken liver pate recipe that doesn't include booze or dairy please pass it on!