Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Finished Objects: Summer

As usual, this past summer I had lofty goals for completing projects that have been sitting around in my to-do basket for quite a while. Unfortunately a trip to Germany and a lingering illness souvenir kept me mostly out of the creative loop until the end of July. What took me the most amount of time was this sampler which I started in June 2011 intended as a Christmas gift for Ravenna (oppps!).

I worked on it a bit while in Germany and finally finished and framed it as fast as I could. I did not frame it correctly. There is a whole process for framing embroidery that includes stretching and mounting boards and pins so that it doesn't look rumpled. Maybe I will get to that one day but for now, I am just happy it is done, wrinkles and all.

 Ravenna needed slippers for her Waldorf classroom so I decided to knit and felt some for her. Knitting these was painfully easy as it was mostly stockinette in a large gauge yarn. Felting in a front loader however, took forever. Here is the link to the project and my notes on Ravelry.
 Another easy project (ravelry link) to try to use up all that kitchen cotton left in my stash. Pretty self-explanatory. I will let you know how well it works.


Lastly, a work in progress. An Autumn cardigan (ravelry link) for me with yarn (KnitPicks Palette in Cornmeal) gifted from Andrew last Christmas. I am hoping to get this completed by October but with the small gauge, I think that will be a miracle. Either way, it is lovely to be knitting in this fall weather.