Monday, January 3, 2011

Controversial Monday: Nutritional Dogma

Dear Readers,

Today I felt affronted. Today I felt attacked. It was all because of Facebook. I feel that people should be respectful of every one's beliefs despite how damaging (or what I perceive as damaging) they might be. That doesn't mean that I don't feel like I can't throw information out there when I feel like it so long as I am respectful. Unfortunately not everyone feels that way. It makes me not want to be an active part of the Internet because at this moment while I write this post that maybe two people will read, I could be reading a book instead, or knitting or forcing my husband to listen to my nutritional dogma of the importance of fat and cooking ones vegetables! But noooooo, I am too keyed up.

Here is another beef: Moderation. I am so SICK of that word. What is moderation? Is it what a government body decides is moderate? How about a scientist? Blogger? Television show? I guess it all depends on whose definition you trust. Moderation in my estimation as pertains to nutrition has to do with NOT eating things we know to be bad for us except in VERY rare circumstances. By rare I mean a few times a year, not every day or even once a month. But then again, what foods are really bad for us?

So, I am irritated. I am annoyed not because people disagree with me but because they chose to do so by putting me into a box of tyranny that makes any statement that comes out of my mouth tantamount to the dithering of an idiot with a large stick. All I want is to enjoy REAL food and for others to do the same. A propos: I have decided that I will no longer comment on anyone's facebook posting if it has anything to do with food because I am a Real Food Tyrant who believes everyone should be forced to eat saturated fat (gasp!), properly prepared grains (the horror!), and pasture raised meats (No!). Yes, you can just call me by my acronym RFT (pronounced Rufft) and if you eat sugar or uncooked cruciferous vegetables this dithering idiot will beat you with the aforementioned stick on thine head.


  1. As for moderation: sometimes balance means getting rid of the extraneous things. And sometimes we need to do that in extreme ways. :)

    Go be a real food tyrant!

  2. I'm sorry I know you're totally mad... but your post had a bit of humour in there too so I had to laugh at that part ;)

    I'm sorry you're met with problems. THAT, my friend, is why I don't use FB. can you imagine the crap I'd get- converting to orthodox Judaism, eating kosher and being a traditional foody and delivering my baby at home...alone!? I mean come on. I'm just asking to be ridiculed! so yeah... that's why you never see me there.

  3. I have all kinds of respect for you for sticking with the diet that you feel is best for you. I'm a total weenie in that regard. I do believe that moderation is typically a valid path, but there are sometimes that even a little of a thing will cause problems. I know you're in a stage of healing your gut, and that requires more intensity.
    I have had a yeast infection in my breasts (both of them) for several weeks. Nursing varies from uncomfortable to gasp-out-loud painful. And yet we were in the middle of the holiday season and so while I did practice *some* moderation in my sugar/yeast consumption, I didn't do it very well and I certainly didn't cut it out entirely. If I had gone off sugar for a week or even 3-4 days back in November, I betcha I wouldn't have been suffering all month. But I'm stupid and I wanted my thanksgiving pies. So here I am a month later, finally forcing myself to go off sugar for a week. Today is the first day, it's not even noon, and I'm already asking myself whether maybe the breast pain is worth it for a little longer. (Seriously, how stupid am I?!) The main reason I'm sticking to my week of no sugar is that I've told people about it--I know myself well enough to know that I'm not good about following through for myself, but I will do it for other people.
    So, back to my original point--LOTS of respect from me for knowing what you need and sticking to it. You rock on lady!

  4. Where was I three days ago when you wrote this??? I'm sorry I missed your FB attack--I surely would have been there to back you up. Something similar happened to me on FB...I mentioned that I had attended a nurse-in, and then I had people saying negative things to me about breastfeeding in public, saying it was gross to nurse all at the same time, and that it was weird that I was breastfeeding past one year. It was so painful for me that I wrote a post on my blog similar to yours and decided to never post about breastfeeding on FB again. You never know who's going to read it and make some jerk comment.

    It's really hard when you are so passionate about something that you want to share with everyone so everyone can get on board if they want. The thing is, while moderation is probably a good thing, the definition of it depends on the person. I mean, what IF every person in the world made sure they were MODERATE on everything they did. Can you imagine the consequences? So many beautiful, wonderful, and radical things have occurred in this world because people were truly passionate about something!

  5. Sorry that above comment was mine. My husband signed me out of google.

  6. No worries Lisa! I figured it out pretty quickly. ;)

  7. You're quick then. I would have been scratching my head wondering who this random person was writing on my blog like they knew me! lol

  8. Don't let the bullies silence you. State your truth, and then follow it with "This is what I think and I'm entitled to express it. You don't have to agree, but neither do I have to agree with you." Just write that over and over and don't take the bait to do more. But certainly don't let it silence you.

  9. Okay, I had to laugh and I must've missed the FB thing. I guess you could give them a mental "flip off" haha.