Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Holy Cow! 9 Months!

Just a little update because I have some fabulous news and you probably won't even believe me. The GAPS diet is steadily moving forward. I am ever so slowly healing and learning the rhythms of how my body heals. Bodies are weird. When I started GAPS I developed a new symptom: tiny little painful pustules around my eyes accompanied by eczema. I had never had either of these before so I felt like my diet was a lost cause. Thanks to the Interwebs I discovered that for some reason or another (detox?) the pustules commonly appear with the addition of dairy to the diet after a long hiatus. Aha! Eventually they just go away but in the meantime I am treating them with a healthy dose of topical coconut oil.

And now for the fabulousness: I healed a cavity! You heard me right! In December I had a cavity that my dentist wanted to fill right away because it was pretty bad. It was way back on one of my last molars in between the teeth where food has a tendency to get caught. Well, aside from the fact that I didn't like the guy in the first place, I strongly believed that my dietary changes would allow my teeth to heal themselves and refused the filling despite dire warnings against my choice and guess what? The cavity is gone! Hurray!

I am starting to feel like this diet is going to be something I stick with for the long haul. The more time I spend eating this way, the easier it gets. All the food prep can be daunting and having a teenage foster daughter who refused to eat anything not heavily processed made things even harder but now that she is gone my time in the kitchen feels easy peasy.  I still can't eat most fruits without a bad reaction, but berries don't seem to bother me at all. I also recently added dairy kefir and raw honey and I am okay with them in small doses.

Healing is wonderful! Today I learned that my mom was just diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and my first thought was "I will not follow suit." With all the healing that I have felt so far on this diet, I really believe that I won't. Right now I am feeling so grateful that I have had all these health problems at such a young age when change doesn't seem insurmountable and infertility is a HUGE motivator. I never thought I would say that I am grateful for my various maladies but with this diet and the healing I am experiencing the future seems so much brighter! 


  1. I'm so happy for you Carrie! And I'm totally amazed that you healed your cavity! Our bodies really are incredible...

  2. You know, I feel grateful for my health issues, too. If I didn't have them, I would not be so motivated to REALLY learn how to be healthy and benefit my family as well as myself.

    I'm so glad the GAPS diet is working for you. I am suspecting that Michael has a salicylate sensitivity (it's in so many foods) and it's making my head spin. I hope that as we get closer to eating a more "traditional" diet that the sensitivity will go away.

    And way cool about healing your cavity! For me that is such a motivator to eating right. Dental decay scares me.

    I just learned about how certain enzymes can help heal my kidneys. It feels so amazing to finally find what can heal me--I KNEW there had to be a way, but before I was just so far from finding it.

    Sorry to hear about your mom, though. Isn't that hard? Don't you just want to be like, "Hey, you need to try this!!!"