Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Finished Objects: Winter 2012-13 Edition

Given that I was struck down with morning sickness until early January I am amazed that I was able to accomplish as much as I did this winter. First up is actually the last project I completed: My Norway Socks.

 This was such a fun project for me. When I was in Norway last summer visiting friends I met a young woman doing traditional color knitting at the Norwegian Cultural Center. I struck up a conversation with her and she said that color knitting is actually quite easy and that I should give it a try. Encouraged by that advice, my friend Elisabeth took me to a yarn store (quite easy to find in Norway) where I picked up a pattern book and a few skeins of Norwegian yarn to make these socks.

Hey look! I even have a picture! Notice how she knits with one skein of yarn on each side of her to help prevent twisted strands.

It took me months to get up the courage/find the time to start these but in early February I finally did. Despite struggling with the pattern translation, and interpreting Norwegian pattern directions which are much more open-ended than American patterns, I found that it was fairly easy and enjoyable to knit these socks. I am a much better knitter now because of this project and I am happy with how they turned out. I won't be able to wear them until next winter though because my legs have started to swell already and given that they are double thick 100% wool, they will be much too hot.

The pattern is number 20 in SandnesGarn Klassikere but the pattern is not found on Ravelry. The yarn was 100% Norwegian wool, Peer Gynt, in Hvit and Svart. This yarn was so awesome; it still smelled like sheep and occasionally had tiny pieces of grass weaved in.

 This birthday crown was crafted in November with the beginnings of my morning sickness. Apparently morning sickness makes me incapable of focusing the camera. The little girl this was gifted to opened it and promptly threw it in the garbage, much to her parents chagrin. Handmade gifts are not always so well received.
 For Christmas gifts I decided to make herbal healing salve to give to friends and family. This was my first time infusing oil with herbs and making a salve. I am quite happy with how they turned out and the finished product works really, really well!

These socks were made in January for my mom's birthday. I love the rainbow colored yarn and the honeycomb pattern. My mother-in-law, a big fan of my knitted socks, wanted to model these before I sent them to my mom; she also wanted to keep them for herself, but only if my mom didn't want them. These are the November Socks knitted with Jojoland Melody Superwash.

 Another birthday crown was a special request from my daughter's friend who loved Ravenna's felt birthday crown so much she requested one of her own. Weeks before her birthday was to arrive she would remind me to make her the birthday crown. I did a fairytale themed crown and this one did not get thrown out.


  1. Those socks are just WOW!!! So how does one do stranding on a sock? It seems like you'd loose the ability to have any stretch...

    And I LOVE that embroidered fairy. It's so so sooo cute!

  2. With stranding the key is to ensure that the tension of the floats (I.e. the yarn you are carrying behind the work) is at the same tension, maybe a little bit looser than the working yarn. You can tell if you are knitting too tight because stitches will sink into the background.

  3. Wow, you are so talented. All of these are beautiful!!!

  4. I love the socks! Still glad you haven´t been feeling well ;)

  5. I love how fearless you are when it comes to knitting. Your socks are amazing! I can't believe the first crown was thrown out. Did anyone manage to save it?

    1. I have no idea what happened to the crown. I think her mom managed to fish it out but I left shortly thereafter. Who knows? It definitely made me less likely to spend time making gifts for children unused to receiving handmade.

  6. I love the socks! You are so great. Blair still wears her crown from her 4th birthday!

  7. All your crafts are amazing! I'm jealous of the socks, intrigued by the hand salve, and in awe of how adorable that last crown is. Can't believe the other crown got thrown in the garbage!