Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Giving Up?

I have now been on the Candida control diet for 5 months, or nearly that. I hate it. In the past when I got sick I would call it whatever it was: flu, food poisoning, cold, just dead tired; now I have to call everything a "healing reaction." Yeah, ok. Sunday night I began to feel one of these "healing reactions" coming on and was then up all night throwing up. Last week I felt good a total of ONE day out of seven. The last month has been majorly sucky. Is this all detox? I felt much better a few months ago and really, not a whole lot has changed in what I am eating or the way I am doing things except perhaps that I am not "cheating" so much.

How long did I say I was going to do this? Eight months? Isn't GAPS an easier path? Every night I pray that this diet will work and that all of this "healing" will get a whole lot easier. I think I might end up crazy and bedridden by the end of eight months if it continues downhill as it has been. I need some help from someone who has been there/done that with a healing diet.


  1. I read this blog called Raising a Sensitive Child, and she talks about her son's healing reactions all the time. He has Job's syndrome, a congenital disorder, so different than your situation, but might be helpful anyway, if you want to check it out:

    Have you considered seeing a naturopath? Seems like it might be good to check in with one. I wish I could help you from my experience, but I can't. I only did the Candida diet for four months and didn't have any problems like yours. Just felt sugar withdrawal and had cravings, but didn't get sick.

  2. All I can say Carrie is that this sort of diet worked really well for me for about 3 months. after that I started going down hill. I haven't yet figured out what to do about it. But at this point I can hardly eat anything without having some sort of reaction, pain or sickness. So which came first? I don't know. and does it mean I am healing or that I am getting sicker?
    All I can say is that I have been "sick" for MONTHS now. I'm sick of being sick! I wanna feel good again and eat with some semblance of normalcy.
    let me know what you figure out. maybe it will help me too.

    like I said, that meal you posted would have made me ill to the core. I could get away with it for a while, but now I would go nowhere near it. I just don't think our body's are all made to eat THAT much fat. Reason being we are all from various parts of the word and all parts of the world have very different diets. then we all mix blood and genes and now our diets are all mixed up too. add to that the foods we ship here and there and the pollution and pesticides! ACK! I have no idea what to eat anymore! lol

    sorry for the longwinded comment!

  3. Oh Elle you said it! It really is like that. All the fat too; I know fat isn't bad for you but should it consist of the bulk of your calories for two years (or more)? I know that the Innuit and some African tribes do so it is humanly possible, but is it BEST for healing?

    When I was struggling with breastfeeding I was told that when I feel like giving up, give it another week. If after that week I still feel as bad, or worse, then I need to reevaluate. I think that for you and I, Elle, we need to find something very gentle. This was supposed to be very gentle but I don't think it is working for me long term. God made our bodies and I know that we have the tools we need to heal them. I just need Him to tell me how to do that!

  4. I think that if you feel bad for a while, that can be detox (or illness). But to feel lousey all the time, for the long term, that does seem like there is something else going on. I would be inclined to agree that maybe this diet is not the best solution for you right now after all.
    Have you tried keeping a food & symptom journal? And paying attention to whether there are certain foods or times that are worse than others? Perhaps you'll be able to find a pattern. And allow yourself to start reintroducing some of those things you've sworn off--a little at a time of course. Keep an eye on those in the journal too. See if anything turns up.