Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Making Some Changes

My last post about my 5 months on the diet was dire. I was feeling awful and wanted to give up. It turned out that my gallbladder was about to pass a bunch of gallstones, so I know why I was feeling so bad. While it was really uncomfortable and even painful at times, it was such a relief to know that my gallbladder was just detoxing. When things got really tough I did some coffee enemas and they made a big difference. I also only wanted to eat hard boiled eggs and drink bone broth, so I went with that. I am a big believer in following the body's cravings, except when it relates to sugar and high carbohydrate foods (then the body is saying it needs instant energy and there are better ways to feed it).

While I was going through that ordeal I decided that I needed to move in a different direction and have been drawn to the GAPS/SCD diets which are similar but much less strict. As far as GAPS goes, I find its system, especially its intro diet incredibly confusing, plus they advocate a very expensive probiotic that I doubt the efficacy of. On the other hand, I found that with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet probiotics are not necessary but probiotic foods are highly encouraged and that is more the direction that I want to go. On a SCD website I found an introduction diet specifically for sufferers of candida and I believe that is how I want to go, though I won't follow this exactly because I do not want to include juices or anti-fungals. It is in three stages and it is simple for me to follow. I am going to work on increasing my intake of fermented vegetables and also probably start culturing yogurt soon, making sure that I get a serving of fermented foods with every meal.

Here are the changes:
  • Adding 1 oz. hard cheese a week ETA: It appears that I cannot tolerate cheese yet 3/23
  • Adding 1 cup. cooked berries every other day
  • Slowly add in small amounts of plain 24-hour fermented yogurt every day starting with one spoonful
  • Decrease coconut oil to no more than 2 tbsp/day to help with the detox symptoms
  • Occasional almond flour or almond butter
  • Maybe some lentils?
  • Maybe some raw honey? ETA: Honey is a no-no 3/24
I will continue with a modified Bee's diet with these small additions until my symptoms improve enough to move on. I may need to remove aspects of these changes depending on my reactions to them and it is a good idea not to eat ALL the news foods at the same time. Ideally they should be spread out 3-5 days or as much as a week. SLOW introduction is key to knowing what I should and should not eat. I also want to limit the amount of supplements I am taking. Wish me luck!


  1. I'm glad you're finding an adaptation that feels right. I think we (as a culture) are very accustomed to trusting authority figures, and to distrusting our inner wisdom. Even when we choose our own authority figures (as with your choosing Bee's diet), they can still be wrong for us because they are not US.

  2. I second what Jenni said. Glad you are trying something you think will work better. I am so impressed that you can just keep going with this. I think I would have wimped out.