Sunday, December 4, 2011

If You REALLY Loved Me...

Look At This! It is gorgeous!

You would buy me some of this tea! I recently discovered Teavana, A Heaven of Tea at our local mall and boy am I in trouble! This tea is so delicious but pricey. Andrew and I like drinking either herbal tisanes or Rooibos daily during the winter so unfortunately we can't afford to drink Teavana teas all that much. But, oh, seriously...nothing compares to a freshly brewed cup of fresh loose leaf tea. There is seriously no comparison to the tea bags you buy in the store. Right now I am in love with the dessert teas like the Cocoa Praline Tart you see above but I am also enjoying the herbal Citrus Lavender Sage.
I use the IKEA RIKLIG teapot to brew my teas. I have found that in order to get it to brew correctly you need to have at least 24 oz. or 3 cups of water in there. According to Teavana, a 2 oz. bag of tea is between 20-30 tsp. Each serving of tea for the Cocoa Praline Tart is 1 1/2 tsp so you would get between 13-20 servings of tea in each 2 oz. bag.  It truly is delicious, though, and totally worth the premium price. So, who loves me?


  1. My neighbor is a tevana snob (not that she's snobby, but just that she doesn't drink any other teas at all!) You're right, it IS gorgeous, and it smells lovely. :)

    There are two ways to drink loose tea--one is to use a tea ball or that type of teapot that you showed. The other is to use a bombilla, which is a straw (metal) with a strainer on the end of it. I have one. The end part slips off and opens up for easy cleaning. You can see a sample of one here there are a variety of styles though.

  2. I love you! And I love herbal teas so I may just get some for myself too.